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Electro Overhead Travelling cranes


Micro Technocam Equipments Pvt Ltd, a reputable Chhattisgarh-based company established in 2010, is a leading manufacturer of EOT Cranes. These heavy-duty material handling devices, also known as overhead or bridge cranes, efficiently lift and move hefty loads within facilities. Our EOT Cranes boast high lifting capacity, precision, durability, and safety features, enhancing productivity and workplace safety. Customizable to meet specific needs, they find applications in diverse industries, backed by maintenance and support services. Elevate your manufacturing with our reliable EOT Crane solutions. Contact us for inquiries or quotes.”

Types of EOT Cranes:

We offer various types of EOT Cranes, including single girder cranes (Upto 150 tonne), double girder cranes (Upto 10 tonne), and underslung cranes (Upto 5 Tonne), each designed for specific applications. Single girder cranes are cost-effective and suitable for light to medium-duty lifting, while double girder cranes provide higher lifting capacity and are ideal for heavy-duty applications. Underslung cranes are used when overhead space is limited.